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The 12 Agreements to Full Body




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Ayanna Freedom

Keynotes, Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats to ensure you become the champions of your own healing through Full Body Freedom.

Unfu*k Your Stuck: The 12 Agreements of Full Body Freedom

Our bodies learn how to survive to keep us alive. Without us realizing it, our bodies get weighted down from mental, physical, and emotional trauma. Through this book, Ayanna Freedom helps you release the trauma that is stuck in your body. She helps you heal by connecting to your body in 12 ways you’ve never thought about before. This book illuminates the freedom, connectedness, humanity, and growth you’ve been searching for.


Meet Ayanna

Ayanna is a speaker, author, 500 hour Yoga Teacher, CEO and Founder of B FREE Wellness inc. a nonprofit organization that transforms people's lives by providing low to no cost mental health, coaching and mindfulness programs to those whose lives have been affected by trauma addiction and oppression.

Be your fucking self. No matter what. What other people think of you is none of your business.


Have you ever felt stuck in your body?  Have you tried to talk it out but you still feel stuck?  Do you sometimes just feel like shit and don’t know why?

That’s where Ayanna Freedom comes in.

Concepts and Themes of Full Body Freedom



In order for the body to start to heal itself we need to create it from the ground up.  We need to make sure the foundation is solid and we build only when we have done the work to create a beautiful, sturdy foundation in the body. That can look like breath work, letting the body breathe, moving in ways that are healing and loving from the inside out, putting your feet in the earth and finding out who you are in space and time in the moment you are in.



None of us can heal in isolation.  We heal as a collective within humanity and with one another.  This can look like creating ways in which we can interact across lines that may seem like they divide yet our bodies know differently.   It can look like allowing not only your breath to connect with yourself but allow positive energy exchanges with others that can enhance your life forever.



Making the commitment to radical self love and radical self care is where the champions come in.  Once the tools and agreements have been adapted with breath, movement and mindfulness the body is now ready to release the trauma that it has been holding on to for so long.  It is ready to slow down, integrate tools that heal and not harm and live a life that feels like freedom.


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