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Unf*ck Your Stuck

Our bodies learn how to survive to keep us alive. Without realizing it, our bodies get weighted down from mental, physical and emotional trauma.  Though this book Ayanna Freedom helps release the trauma that is stuck in your body. She helps you heal by connecting to your body in 12 ways you’ve never thought about before. This book illuminates the freedom, connectedness, humanity and growth you have been searching for.  Once the reader has adopted the concepts of Get The Fuck Unstuck in Yout Body they will be able to move with more freedom, walk with more dignity, learn about where courage really lands in the body and how to dig it up when you need it the most.

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Ayanna's books are also available at the following local businesses and bookstores: B FREE Wellness Inc. Bread & Roses and Belonging Books.

Becoming Free

Ayanna is many things: mother, daughter, sister, wife, POUND Pro, Yoga teacher, life coach, recovering alcoholic, and a survivor. Born into a family dynamic struggling to find its foundation, Ayanna resolved not to become like her own mother, an addict who walked a fine line between fierce inspiration and neglectful parent, until the moment she realized that was exactly who she’d become. But despite Ayanna’s own traumatic past, there was within her a spark of hope that finally ignited when a breakthrough occurred during her second time in rehab. That spark helped Ayanna to conceive of and create a business model that is destined to change the face of recovery. It’s all about Becoming Free.

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