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Hi. I'm Ayanna.


My journey started on a train.  A train where my mother didn’t show up for many years.  That is where I first learned about love and trauma and how it lands in your body at a very early age.

This is My Story.


I adopted my daughter from the department of children and families after fostering her for three years, not sure if the adoption would ever become real.  

That’s when I learned about love and pain and the endless insecurity of the unknown.  That is also when I found yoga.  It helped me understand the spaces in between and the softness of breath.  I also knew I couldn’t be a mom without fully being myself and removing alcohol.

For years, I never felt good enough until I found alcohol.  Then, for years I filled all my empty with liquid courage hoping that would carry me through the world and give me strength.  It didn’t, I ended up losing myself and drowning.

I could have let trauma and addiction become my path.

But I didn't.

I made the brave choice to go to  detox and rehab twice to learn how to undo the trauma in my body and become the champion of my own healing. I literally taught myself how to get the fuck unstuck in a hustle culture that teaches us everything other then how to take care of ourselves, still be productive and have fun while doing it.

I thought long and hard about the tools I used to heal myself and developed the 12 Agreements of Full Body Freedom that can help you get the fuck unstuck too.

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